Bob Mason

Bob Mason



  • Name: Bob Mason

Education And Work Information:

  • School(s) Attended: BSc Chemistry / Biology Oxford Brooke’s University, Oxford, England
  • Job Title: Financial Consultant
  • Company / Organization: VersatileQ
  • Former Jobs: Research Analyst, IdealFX (S) Pte Ltd, Senhouse Asia, Family Offices

Investing Profile:

  • Investing Style: Trader / Analyst
  • Area of Expertise: Energy, FX, Equities, Cryptocurrencies, Credit
  • Favorite instruments: Cryptocurrencies, FX, Equities


Bob has over 20 years of experience in the Finance Industry having worked in Europe and Asia for global financial institutions before focusing on providing research capabilities for clients in Asia, primarily focused on financial markets including, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Bob Mason’s experience includes building index products for investment banks and, within multinational banks, risk management, and analytics, considering key risk drivers including, FX, geopolitical, credit as well as macro across a wide range of sectors, in structuring and negotiating derivative and term loan products.

Bob has an extensive knowledge of the crypto market, the ICO market, and the blockchain technology.

Bob Mason has been an author with FX Empire since December 2016 and has had works published for publications including The Jerusalem Post, KITCO and The Huffington Post.

Latest Articles

  • Bitcoin Crash
    news |

    Don’t Mention the B Words – Cryptomarket Turmoil Grabs the Headlines

    As the cryptomarket progressed through much of this year, a jump in volatility and a wave of bearish sentiment, following December’s broad-based cryptomarket rally, led to plenty of debate on whether Bitcoin and the broader market gains to record highs back in December was just a bubble ready burst.Certainly, when

  • Ethereum
    forecasts |

    Ethereum Daily Analysis– 20/11/2018

    Key HighlightsEthereum slid by 17.45% on Monday, following on from last week’s 16.14% fall, to end the day at $145.21A start of a day intraday high $175.92 fell short of the first major resistance level at $180.A slide to a late in the day intraday low and new swing low

  • iota
    forecasts |

    IOTA Daily Analysis– 15/11/18

    IOTA slumped by 11.97% on Wednesday, following a 0.16% gain on Tuesday, to end the day at $0.4404.

  • bitcoin sink
    news |

    Bitcoin Sinks as the Bears Put the V back into Volatility

    Wednesday was somewhat of a poignant day for the cryptomarkets, with the ongoing Bitcoin Cash battle between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV raising the stakes, with today’s hard fork and anticipated split doing Bitcoin and the broader market few favors.

  • Market Volatility
    education |

    How to Take Advantage of the New Crypto Market Volatility

    The cryptomarket dynamics have certainly shifted in the last 12-months and never more so than in the last 6-weeks, with cryptomarket trading volumes seeing sizeable declines, with the lack of regulatory or sovereign crypto action leaving the majors flat, particularly since October.

    forecasts |

    NEM’s XEM Daily Analysis – 14/11/18

    Key HighlightsNEM’s XEM fell by 2.52% on Tuesday, partially reversing Monday’s 20.41% rally, to end the day at $0.10948.A start of a day intraday low $0.10743 saw NEM’s XEM hold above the day’s first major support level at $0.0974.NEM’s XEM rallied to a mid-morning intraday high $0.12579, breaking through the

  • bitcoin cash
    news |

    Bitcoin Cash – Market Jitters Ease Ahead of the Hard Fork

    Bitcoin Cash was in the green through the early part of this morning, up 2.87% at the time of writing to $535.4, with the gains coming off the back of a flat Tuesday.

  • nem
    forecasts |

    NEM’s XEM Technical Analysis – Eyeing Resistance Levels – 13/11/18

    Key HighlightsNEM’s XEM rallied by 20.41% on Monday, following a 0.55% fall on Sunday, to end the day at $0.11243.A mid-morning intraday low $0.09203 called on support at the first major support level at $0.092 ahead of a late morning rally.The late morning rally saw NEM’s XEM break through the

  • forecasts |

    Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis – 13/11/18

    Bitcoin Cash Sees More RedBitcoin Cash fell by 2.78% on Monday, following on from a 4.1% slide on Sunday, to end the day at $520.6.A bearish start to the day saw Bitcoin Cash slide to a late morning intraday low $504.7, Bitcoin Cash sliding through the first major support level

  • altcoins
    education |

    The Best Altcoins

    While the cryptomarket’s largest by market cap continues to be Bitcoin, the growth of the cryptomarket has been an impressive one over the last 24-months, with the number of cryptocurrencies now sitting at 2,094, the continued rise in cryptocurrencies and tokens being fuelled by an ever-growing ICO market.

  • blockchain
    news |

    Blockchain – Here to Stay and in Rapid Adoption Mode

    Simply put, blockchain is a case of cutting out the middleman, generating fees without the cream being taken off the top, which should ultimately translate into wide profit margins, for some at least.

  • Bitcoin Cash
    news |

    Bitcoin Cash – Uncertainty Weighs Ahead of the Hard Fork

    Bucking the trend of previous hard forks, where coin holders and those looking to profit from the creation of new coins would buy into the cryptocurrency ahead of a hard fork, is Bitcoin Cash that has garnered plenty of news attention over the last week.

  • Crypto mining farm
    education |

    Crypto Mining Farms

    To date, Bitcoin continues to be the main target for the larger miners, but with the existing mining cartel commandeering a large proportion of Bitcoin hashrates, the barrier to entry is particularly high for individual miners, while not completely out of reach of the most ambitious.

  • Ethereum
    news |

    Ethereum – Where’s the Support?

    Ethereum (“ETH”) has been having a tough time of it of late, with ETH/USD falling by 0.45% on Monday, following on from a 0.19% fall on Sunday, to end the day at $208.77.

  • Bitcoin Cash Fork
    education |

    All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

    Bitcoin Cash launched back in 2017 from a Bitcoin hard fork, came about as a result of a major disagreement between Bitcoin’s core development team and Bitcoin miners over blockchain capacity and how to address transaction times that had extended to as much as 10 minutes.

  • Crypto market
    news |

    The Steady Cryptomarket: Volatility Remains Low

    The volatility seen through the much of the year contributed to the uptick in volumes as investors and traders from other asset classes were drawn in to trade the daily swings that were sizeable when comparing to even the more exotic currencies and the global equity markets.

  • EOS
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    EOS Daily Analysis– 13/11/18

    Key HighlightsEOS gained 1.13% on Sunday, following a 0.44% rise in Saturday, to end the day at $5.4910.EOS fell through the first major support level at $5.397 and second major support level at $5.3641 to an early afternoon intraday low $5.2920.A late rally saw EOS break through the first major