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  • What is the Finney Phone and What Does it Mean for Crypto?

    What is the Finney Phone and What Does it Mean for Crypto?

    Finney, the first blockchain focused smartphone, is expected to begin shipping in late December. Created by Sirin Labs, the phone’s operating system is SirinOS, which is a fork of Android made with the intention of implementing blockchain technology at its core. The Finney will allow users to securely and reliably

  • Market Volatility

    How to Take Advantage of the New Crypto Market Volatility

    The cryptomarket dynamics have certainly shifted in the last 12-months and never more so than in the last 6-weeks, with cryptomarket trading volumes seeing sizeable declines, with the lack of regulatory or sovereign crypto action leaving the majors flat, particularly since October.

  • altcoins

    The Best Altcoins

    While the cryptomarket’s largest by market cap continues to be Bitcoin, the growth of the cryptomarket has been an impressive one over the last 24-months, with the number of cryptocurrencies now sitting at 2,094, the continued rise in cryptocurrencies and tokens being fuelled by an ever-growing ICO market.

  • Crypto mining farm

    Crypto Mining Farms

    To date, Bitcoin continues to be the main target for the larger miners, but with the existing mining cartel commandeering a large proportion of Bitcoin hashrates, the barrier to entry is particularly high for individual miners, while not completely out of reach of the most ambitious.