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    JP Morgan Launches JPM Coin – Is This Good for the Cryptocurrency Community?

    Leading bank JP Morgan has launched JPM Coin, a blockchain-based token that is used as a settlement layer for their wholesale payments business. The lender’s wholesale payments business moves over $6 trillion daily around the world.

  • Diagonal chain, a blockchain concept, gray closeup
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    Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Division Acquires Blockchain Startup

    Facebook’s cryptocurrency division has reportedly acquired blockchain startup Chainspace. This is their first acquisition and is being referred to as an “acqui-hire,” meaning they are most likely interested in gaining the talent pool rather than any practical technology.

  • Bitcoin card
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    Binance Opens Fiat Gateway: Debit and Credit Cards Accepted

    As of January 31, 2019, leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has enabled credit and debit card payments. This is another strategic move for the company to not only grow their user base but also help push the crypto industry one step closer towards mainstream adoption.

  • Crypto money
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    Popular trading app Robinhood gains approval to allow New York residents to trade virtual currencies.

    Popular trading app Robinhood gains approval to allow New York residents to trade virtual currencies.

  • Crypto
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    Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptopia Reports Hack with Major Losses

    New Zealand based exchange Cryptopia was hacked on January 14, 2019, suffering significant losses. Cryptopia did not announce the breach until January 15. The hackers moved at least $2.4 million worth of Ethereum and roughly $1.2 million worth of Centrality to various wallets.

  • Golden Bitcoin
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    Celebrating Bitcoin’s 10 Year Anniversary

    Today marks a milestone for the Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency industry. It is Bitcoin’s 10 year anniversary. On January 3, 2009, Satoshi created the genesis block which sparked the blockchain industry we see today.

  • Mark Karpeles. Source: CCN
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    Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles States Innocence in Latest Trial

    Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox reasserts his innocence during the closing arguments of his trial.

  • Sources: New York Post
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    Pro-Bitcoin Chief of Staff Set to Enter the White House

    Donald Trump has chosen pro-Bitcoin Mick Mulvaney to act as the White House Chief of Staff come 2019.

  • G20 to Regulate Cryptocurrency Markets
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    G20 to Regulate Cryptocurrency Markets

    The G20, an international forum for governments and central banks, has recently signed a declaration to regulate cryptocurrencies. The declaration was signed in Buenos Aires and covers many topics involving tax evasion, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, and public policy.In Section 25, the declaration explicitly mentions cryptocurrencies:“We will step up efforts to

  • Bitcoin Crash
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    Don’t Mention the B Words – Cryptomarket Turmoil Grabs the Headlines

    As the cryptomarket progressed through much of this year, a jump in volatility and a wave of bearish sentiment, following December’s broad-based cryptomarket rally, led to plenty of debate on whether Bitcoin and the broader market gains to record highs back in December was just a bubble ready burst.Certainly, when

  • bitcoin sink
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    Bitcoin Sinks as the Bears Put the V back into Volatility

    Wednesday was somewhat of a poignant day for the cryptomarkets, with the ongoing Bitcoin Cash battle between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV raising the stakes, with today’s hard fork and anticipated split doing Bitcoin and the broader market few favors.

  • bitcoin cash
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    Bitcoin Cash – Market Jitters Ease Ahead of the Hard Fork

    Bitcoin Cash was in the green through the early part of this morning, up 2.87% at the time of writing to $535.4, with the gains coming off the back of a flat Tuesday.

  • blockchain
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    Blockchain – Here to Stay and in Rapid Adoption Mode

    Simply put, blockchain is a case of cutting out the middleman, generating fees without the cream being taken off the top, which should ultimately translate into wide profit margins, for some at least.

  • Bitcoin Cash
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    Bitcoin Cash – Uncertainty Weighs Ahead of the Hard Fork

    Bucking the trend of previous hard forks, where coin holders and those looking to profit from the creation of new coins would buy into the cryptocurrency ahead of a hard fork, is Bitcoin Cash that has garnered plenty of news attention over the last week.

  • Ethereum
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    Ethereum – Where’s the Support?

    Ethereum (“ETH”) has been having a tough time of it of late, with ETH/USD falling by 0.45% on Monday, following on from a 0.19% fall on Sunday, to end the day at $208.77.

  • Crypto market
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    The Steady Cryptomarket: Volatility Remains Low

    The volatility seen through the much of the year contributed to the uptick in volumes as investors and traders from other asset classes were drawn in to trade the daily swings that were sizeable when comparing to even the more exotic currencies and the global equity markets.