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Coinz is a leading global cryptocurrencies portal, delivering up-to-date market news and analysis to professional & novice traders, and major financial news portals across the world.

The crypto section includes all you need to know about Bitcoin, Ethereum ICO and a lot more. Our cryptocurrencies section provides our readers with the most relevant and updated news and analysis.

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We are a group of passionate individuals who are optimistic about the underlying opportunities in the cryptocurrency space and feel that everyone should have unobscured access to them.
We’ve identified an opportunity to deliver much-needed value to others and are acting upon that.

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To be an industry central beacon point providing the most in-depth, proficient, and objective data on cryptocurrency exchanges to traders and investors of all backgrounds and experience levels.

We aim to be the end-all,  be-all of cryptocurrency exchange guides and reviews.

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Arielle Segal
Head of Product
Rotem Amar
VP Product
Hen Duan
UX/UI Designer
Erik Vardanyan
Full Stack Developer

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